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About Us

Tree Pruning done by Tree Mechanics LLC

About Tree mechanics LLC

We're a certified and full-service tree company serving Northern Wyoming and South Eastern Montana. With a team of experienced and ISA certified arborists, we offer a wide range of tree care services, including removal, pruning, planting, and more.

Our commitment to the highest industry standards and customer satisfaction sets us apart and ensures that your property receives the care it deserves.

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Garrett Dotson CEO of Tree Mechanics LLC

a note from our ceo

Garrett Dotson began his tree climbing career at the age of 7. After breaking his arm repelling out of a tree, his parents decided to get him involved in professional, guided climbing seminars. He then took his love for heights to the rock. After working in the forestry and fire mitigation side of tree work, he began working under a few world renowned climbing arborists. He ran with the knowledge bestowed upon him and founded his own company in Wyoming. While running and operating Tree Mechanics LLC he competed in climbing competitions around the region and became an instructor for Rope Access Trainers, along with other top national climbing arborists. The days of competing and teaching others has not ended but rather been pushed to the side as he is focused on expanding his knowledge in arboriculture ( the study of trees ) and expanding this company. Garrett Holds numerous accreditations from the International Society of Arboriculture ( ISA ) as well as Plant Pathology, and Insect and Disease Control of deciduous trees and shrubs from the University of Wyoming.

Garrett Dotson
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Founder & Ceo

Leadership Team

Natasha Cates CFO of Tree Mechanics LLC

Natasha Dotson

DJ Puente Vice President of Tree Mechanics LLC

DJ Puente

Vice President
Ty Davidson Forman of Tree Mechanics LLC

Ty Davidson

Operations Manager
Jessa Richards Administrative Assistant of Tree Mechanics LLC

Jessa Richardson

Administrative Assistant

Why Choose Tree Mechanics?

We understand that proper tree, lawn & plant health care is essential for the beauty and safety of your property. You can rest easy knowing that your property is in the hands of true professionals.

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Excellent Customer Service

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Highly Trained & Certified Aborists

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Dependable Crew & Process